Acción contra los Centros de Internamiento en Corinto (Grecia)

In solidarity with the hunger strikers at the detention camp of Corinth.
Close all detention camps!
On Sunday 15th of June,  after a call of the Open Initiative against Detention Centers, along with Anti-racist and Antifascist Initiatives of Corinth, demonstrated to the detention camp in solidarity with the hunger strikers, demanding  the closure of all the detention camps.
During the last 3 years Greece is not just the border guard of Europe. It became a graveyard and prison for migrants. The system of detention expanded radically from 2012, when thousands of migrants were arrested after a huge police pogrom,baptized by the cynical name Operation “Xenios Zeus”, the ancient greek god of hospitality. Container camps were constructed and old military camps were transformed into detention camps. At the same time, the legal framework changed rapidly as well: the maximum period of detention for migrants without documents of permission was extended from 3  to 18 months. After the recent recommendation of the Legal Council of the State, from now on the detention of illegal migrants can last for an unlimited period of time.

During the last 3 years, the dominant policies do not use  just the migrants as scapegoats. Racism and exclusion of social and political rights are found in the center of the crisis management and the policies of fear. The prisons were expanded not only to detain migrants: drug addicts were also temporarily being held to the same detention camps and of course not accidentally. From now on repression involves not only the migrants but this phenomenon expands to other social groups, concerning everyone (ή especially those) who resists to the authoritarian crisis regime.



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